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I am a pilot who owns a motorcycle.
I’ve kayaked with orcas, swum with stingrays, and jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.
But not all at once.
I am a friend, a brother, a son, and an uncle.
I’ve played softball, baseball, football, volleyball, basketball…and bocce.
But not all at once.
I have a dog. Some say he’s a big dog.
I don’t believe life begins at retirement…it began yesterday. But you have time to catch up.
I love cool hats and small batch bourbon.
But not always at once.
I love the sound of thunder and believe a good campfire is a salve for all wounds.
I believe in being still.
I believe people are complex.
I believe in the power of memories.
And memories are a series of moments.
I am a photographer.
All at once.